Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Improvements that Pay

The best home inprovements you can make are the ones that pay for themselves. In a world full of "going green" wouldn't it be nice for your friendliness to the enviornment to pay off?!! Here are three improvements you can make that will literally pay for themselves:

1. Add Programmable Thermostatats- Being able to program the temperature in your house according to time of day can easily save you money on your heating bill. The one catch: you have to program it. The key is to find one that you can easily operate.

2. Switch to a low flow showerhead- According to Consumer Reports, you can use up to 40% less water just by changing to a low flow showerhead.

3. Use Smart Switches- While outdoor lighting can be pretty, it is very easy to forget to turn those lights off. A company called Intermatic makes a switch that you can program where you live and what time it is and you never have to worry again. It is set to go on when the sun sets and turn off when it rises.

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