Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Selling your Home in the Winter

There are many benefits to listing your home during the Winter, one of them being that there are a group of "serious" Buyers out looking in the bitter cold.  Another is that the competition is not as fierce because most homeowners think waiting until the warmer months is the way to go.  If you are selling your home during the winter, here are a few tips when listing your home:

1. Let the lights shine- Since there is a shortage of daylight during the winter months, it is very important to keep your house well lit.  For showings, turn on every light in the house. Also, during the day,  keep all drapes and blinds open to let visitors enjoy the view.

2. Convenient parking- Buyers will not want to walk very far in the cold or over a snow bank to get to your home.  Try and keep the driveway cleared and if you live in a condominium, be sure your agent forewarns the Buyers of the parking situation.

3. Protect your Investment- You may feel funny or think that asking your Buyers to take their shoes off during a showing may make them feel uncomfortable, but the truth is that Buyers get a sense that you take pride in your home and are properly maintaining it.

4. Keep Seasonal Clothing under Control- A major challenge of selling a home during the winter months is the overabundance of winter gear and clothing.  A Buyer doesn't want to find a mudroom filled with winter boots or a closet filled with heavy coats.  Try to have one storage spot where you can easily tuck away these items in time for a showing.

Despite some small challenges of marketing a home during the winter, there are also benefits. You will not only beat the competition to the market, but you will also track in some serious Buyers that are anxiously awaiting that perfect home!

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  1. Nice Vin! we have our house on the market as we speak- we're over 50 showings....... super anxious at this point as we're hoping to build. Any other tips are welcomed ; ) Looks like youre doing great!!

  2. wow 50 showings that is awesome! You could not ask for better activity. Hopefully you get a strong offer soon. New construction is great but can take some time so hopefully you have a place to live during the whole process. Best of luck with everything!