Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Clean-up Tips

I know we all think we have time to get the yard ready for winter, but all too soon that snow is on the ground and there was still one or two things left to do. So I thought I would post a few tips, that I have found, to make that Fall clean-up go a little easier. Hopefully you will see one or two new ones.

  • Clean out the gutters, but try and wait for all the leaves to fall. This is a great time to check for leaks and any wear and tear.
  • Check the tree branches and trim the ones that are too close to the house. Keep in mind that too much trimming can damage a tree. Keep in mind with winter comes heavy snow and wind. So you want to make sure the branches that could break off in the winter are the ones you want to trim.

  • Before putting the patio umbrella away for winter storage, use a pair of pantyhose to cover the umbrella by putting one leg over the top and the other leg over the bottom. This will protect and help it air out if there is any moisture on the umbrella and prevent mold growth.
  • Clean patio furniture and if you do not store inside(shed or garage) use a tarp to cover them.
  • Put any open containers and pots away or cover them up. This will help when spring comes to eliminate the water needed for mosquitos to breed in the spring.
  • Clean up the leaves. You can use them for compost.

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