Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things to upgrade around your home in your thirties

If you are among the thirty-somethings, than it is time to step it up and make your home more "grown-up".  Here are some things you can upgrade from what you probably had in your twenties:

Mix and Match  Glassware -  It is time  to ditch the mismatched glasses in your home now that you are a grown up!  Wine glasses are not very expensive, and actually, you should not spend too much money on them because they can break.  However,  it is time to step it up and start drinking alcohol from glasses that were made for it, not for jarred sauces! 


The cheap Vacuum- Get rid of that cheap vacuum you used in college and get something that can actually pick up some dirt.  Many of you are starting families at this age, so take it from me, it gets messy!

The shabby bed- Now that you are all grown up, it is time to get a quality mattress, a solid box spring, and a stylish bed frame.  Your bedroom should be a place you can relax and rejuvenate, not a place where you feel lost and uncomfortable.

The cheesy poster art- Get rid of the shiny ugly posters that you framed. You do not have to become an art connoisseur, but having unique things on the wall makes a difference.  You can even find souvenirs around the house that could be worth framing.

Lumpy, dirty pillows- Let's face it, you probably didn't even buy those pillows, in fact, I bet you stole them in your twenties from your parents' house.  Dump them and get some high quality pillows; ones that you actually can sleep on.

Wire & Plastic Hangers- It is time to purchase a set of uniform hangers, which, can actually save you room in your closet, make it look neater, and grip your clothes so that they won't fall off.
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