Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home Improvement Apps

 There are some great apps out there for renovation, building, and redecorating projects.  If you are considering taking on such projects, take a look at these before you get started:

A very resourceful app that can be big help with a renovation: Set project time lines, forecast your spending, track budgets, and manage your to-do's.  

Create accurate floor plans by taking pictures of a space with your smartphone. Instructions are straightforward, and the app lets you mark doorways and windows. Rooms can even be combined into a multispace diagram.

Ikea Catalog
Spot a great sofa in the Ikea catalog? Scan the image with your smart phone or tablet, snap a picture of the room you want to see it in, and voilà! There it is. Works for approximately 90 items in the store's current line.

Design and shopping in one place. Tap on furnishings in the app's gallery and "place" them in a picture of a room on your iPad. Use your finger to move and arrange the items — then just click to purchase the ones you want.

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