Friday, June 7, 2013

Organizing your Kitchen

The kitchen is viewed as the "hub' of the home as it is the most used room in the house.  Your family gathers there, you cook, kids do homework, and everyone raids the cabinets and fridge looking for food!  It is easy to see why it can become unorganized so quickly. It is not always easy to keep the kitchen in order, but here are a few simple things you can do to try and keep organized:

Clear the counters-

 Having too many items on your kitchen counters will make it seem cluttered and unorganized. Items that are not used often should be stored under the counters in your cabinets. These may be things like a waffle maker, mixer, or a blender; items that do not get used everyday.

Buy clear storage-

Using clear, plastic storage bins in your kitchen is an easy way to keep like items together while being able to do a quick inventory before heading out to the grocery store. For your pantry, have bins for snacks, bread and produce. Use over-the-door organizers for canned goods, spices,  pastas and sauces.

Things that work together should be stored together-

Pots, pans and cooking utensils should be kept near the stove. This gives you easy access to the tools you’ll need while cooking. Keep bowls, mixers, measuring cups, spoons and other baking items in the baking area. Plates, dishes, cups and eating utensils should be stored close together. Items that are seldom used should go on top shelves. Mugs, coffee creamers and coffee supplies should be stored near the coffee maker.  Seems obvious, right?!

Install Shelf Organizers-

Sliding shelf organizers make it easy to get to frequently used items in the cabinets and creates a neater look when doors are open.

Since you probably do not always have time to do a complete
kitchen overhaul, you can try doing these few things to keep your the space as inviting and organized as possible.
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