Friday, June 21, 2013

Securing your home while on vacation

Summer is here which, for many of us, means vacationing and long weekend getaways.  No matter where you  live, you are always vulnerable to burglary when your home is left unattended for an extended period of time. I found some tips from the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies to help keep your home secure while away:

  • Ask a neighbor to take in the newspaper, mail, and any other deliveries.

  • Arrange to have the lawn mowed at regular intervals.

  • Store all valuables.

  • Leave window shades and draperies in their usual positions, but do not close them all the way on the street side of the house.

  • Lock all doors and windows including those in the garage, the basement, and the attic.

  • Disconnect electrical appliances and lower air conditioning/heating units to energy-saving levels.

  • Make sure auto, fire, and health insurance policies are correct.

  • Leave a house key and itinerary with a neighbor, friend, or relative. Be sure someone knows how to operate your alarm system if your home has one.

  • An alarm system is a very effective deterrent to burglary especially if the system is advertised by a window sticker or a sign on the property.
    You've packed up your suitcase and planned your itinerary be sure to take the time to protect your home while you’re away.  Keep in mind that July and August are popular vacation months, and not surprisingly, they’re also the months when home burglaries peak. You want to fully enjoy your trip, so be sure to give yourself that peace of mind that your home is secure.

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