Thursday, November 21, 2013

The holidays: preparing for out of town guests

The holidays are coming and for some of us, that may mean hosting out of town guests.  If you are hosting relatives or friends this year, here are some helpful tips for preparing your home for the occasion:

Declutter your home

With a few extra people in your home, you are going to need some additional room. It's time to declutter and create some much needed space. Your living room, family room, and other common rooms used for entertaining should be free of any furniture that you won't use.

Do house repairs

If your family has been dealing with a drippy faucet, squeaky door, or broken steps you should get these things taken care of before your guests arrive. A few small house repairs and improvements can make your home safer and more comfortable for your holiday houseguests.

Childproof your home

If babies or children are among your houseguests, it's time to do some simple childproofing: keep all cleaning products, knives, medications, and other potential hazards in a locked cabinet or out of reach.

Prepare the guest room

If your guest room is rarely used, it's time for some heavy duty cleaning. Make sure all the bedding is fresh, vacuum the floor (don't forget under the bed), and make space in the closet for your guests' clothes.

Cook ahead

Who wants to spend all your time in the kitchen when you have houseguests? Cook ahead and freeze some meals for dinner. Also, make sure your pantry and kitchen are stocked with staple items.


You don't want to be hanging Christmas lights and setting up displays while your guests are in town. Prepare by decorating a little early.


Although entertaining guests can be stressful at the holidays, it can be a lot of fun too. Relax and de-stress a bit before their arrival.

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